Introducing Musaic – a new wireless HiFi system that can also control your lights

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Musaic is a new wireless HiFi system made up of speakers that you place around your home, designed from the ground up for sound quality and ease of use.

But Musaic is not just a music system, it’s an innovative and exciting Internet of Things connected smart device.

Musaic is on Kickstarter right now!
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What makes Musaic unique?
True HiFi sound quality - Musaic has been designed in London by HiFi professionals for one goal - awesome audio experience.

Total compatibility - Musaic works with almost any device, plays almost any file type and is compatible with the latest streaming services.

Part of the connected smart home - Musaic can create and control lighting moods, integrate with other home automation technologies and more.

How it works

Musaic works with your home WiFi to play music from your mobile devices, your Mac or PC, plus internet based streaming services such as iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, Napster and SomaFM.
You can also enjoy thousands of online radio stations from all around the world and set your favourites to recall at the touch of a button.

As well as WiFi, Musaic also includes Bluetooth which means that you can play your music from anywhere via a simple point-to-point connection. Musaic will even re-broadcast content played via Bluetooth to other Musaic Players in your home for a multi-room experience.

Find out more about how Musaic works
Musaic MP5 - our smaller Player in the range, designed for smaller spaces such as a den, bedroom or kitchen.
MP10 - our larger Player with built-in subwoofer, designed for larger spaces such as a lounge, family room or office.
Place Musaic Players around your home for a whole-home audio experience - play different music in different rooms, group rooms together or play the same music in every room - in perfect unison.

See Musaic on Kickstarter
See what the media has to say about Musaic
"...few have such a high quality and even fewer are backed by people who have worked for an audio equipment manufacturer for a decade." 

Walyou, March 2014
"I took a look at both of them at the show and I can say that they are truly great looking items and they will look great in your home."

Android Dissected, January 2014
"Musaic can also play nice with your automated home. So you can dim the lights and play your bedtime song of choice at the same time. Smooth."

T3, March 2014
On Kickstarter now

Musaic is on Kickstarter right now, so you can purchase an MP5, MP10 or a system package and in doing so, support Musaic in bringing the system to life.
Super early bird prices are still available so you can snap up a Musaic system at a great discount on our anticipated retail prices!

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