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Week in Tech
HTC One M8, an Audi we R8 and Oculus Rift's Facebook F8

There's a new HTC One, and it might just be the best phone you can buy. Gareth Beavis says the HTC One M8 "takes the superb DNA of last year's device, improves it in nearly every area and then packs it full of all the latest technology... and still finds space to pack in a microSD card slot."

While we eye up a new handset, Facebook snapped up a whole company as it bought VR innovator Oculus Rift. As you might expect, many of the Oculus Rift's Kickstarter backers weren't happy. The sale and its backlash are a massive PR boost for Sony, whose own VR headset will go on sale this year. Our PlayStation columnist Phil Iwaniuk got his mum to try out VR, and came away even more impressed: "the really exciting thing about videogames is the possibility of exploring an imaginary place, and VR's killer feature is the chance to be present in it as never before."

Fancy using VR to drive really futuristic cars? We've got a better idea: why not drive really futuristic cars in the real world, on real roads? That's what Audi's offering in the form of the new TT, and Jeremy Laird has the low-down on the "all round techno-mastery" the coupe offers. Yours for an unspecified (but presumably very large) sum of money later this year.

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Week in Tech: HTC One M8, an Audi we R8 and Oculus Rift's Facebook F8
Talking points: Patent points to iPad stylus, what's in 8.1 Update 1, Office on iPad, and HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5
Competition: Win! A Sony Xperia Z2
The week's best buys: Chromecast, GoPro Hero3+, Nikon D3200
Top 10: Tablets
Talking points
Apple patent points to an advanced extendable stylus
Apple's latest patent is titled simply "Input Device Having Extendable Nib," but don't let that fool you: this may be the long-awaited iStylus. The company might be about to double back on one of Steve Jobs' most strident convictions. Read more
Windows 8.1 Update 1: what's in Microsoft's latest Windows update
Windows 8.1 made some amends for the omissions of 8, but unfortunately didn't go all the way in fixing Windows, which is why Microsoft is going to release Windows 8.1 Update 1 (a mouthful, to say the least). We take a look at what's coming up. Read more
Microsoft Office on iPad: too little, too late?
Well, it's happening: Microsoft is bringing elements of its Office suite to iPad in a bid to win over the ever expanding tablet user base. Microsoft has hinted repeatedly that Office would "one day" be coming to iOS, but never actually delivered a final version, until now. Read more
HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Early view
Samsung is the reigning heavyweight champion on the Android scene, and the Galaxy S5 looks like a return to form after the slightly disappointing S4. But if any Android smartphone can mount a credible challenge to Samsung's dominance this year, it's got to be the HTC One M8. Read more
WIN! A Sony Xperia Z
Win one of five Sony Xperia Z2 handsets in our sneak peek game. Reveal 20 pixels and guess the action in the image correctly to be entered in a prize draw, or increase your chances by sharing with friends to uncover extra pixels.
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The week's best buys

A cheap and easy way to get video from iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube onto your TV. We'd like more apps but at this price who's complaining?.
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When it comes to ease-of-use and functionality, this is simple to use and, most importantly, enables you to capture some incredible footage.
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Nikon has delivered an excellent camera in the Nikon D3200. It's Guide Mode is especially good and very useful for novice photographers.
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Why would Twitter change "retweet" to "share"?
@MrGrayburn People are stupid, you never been to London?
@BrecksBoss How can anyone not understand what 'retweet' means @twitter Stop messing with what isn't broken! People are not stupid!
@anucool360 That is the most stupid thing to do. And a way to lose one's identity too.
Top  10  tablets
What's the best tablet for 2014? Today's latest tablets compared and rated - constantly updated.
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GIMP is an incredible piece of software - versatile, powerful and free. It stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, a title that highlights the program’s origins as a Linux image editor, but it can do so much more than cropping and red-eye removal. It’s the answer to your image editing needs.

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Samsung M3 1TB USB 3.0 slimline portable hard drive - save £30!

You can currently get a massive 1TB of go-anywhere memory for less than £50 when you buy this hardwearing Samsung portable hard drive from Amazon (usually £79.99).

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