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Week in Tech
Siri-ous problems with CarPlay and Android flagships at war

This week, we've taken Apple's CarPlay for a test drive, followed Facebook's F8 conference, discovered a worrying trend among UK ISPs, and investigated the sneaky world of smartphone sensors.

CarPlay's Siri-ous flaws

Is Apple's CarPlay, its system for iOS in cars, any good? Not right now it isn't, says Michelle Fitzsimmons. While the interface is nice enough Siri is largely useless, there aren't enough apps and the functionality is extremely basic.

Acer dumps 'the unprofitable stuff'

Acer is moving upmarket, changing its focus from commodity PCs to more interesting products such as the Liquid Leap. The big challenge isn't the tech, though: it's the brand image. According to Product Marketing Director John Miedema, "you'll still see a lot of people not considering Acer or still buying the Apple product because it's Apple."

Androids battle

Given the choice between Google's Nexus 5 and the CyanogenMod-powered and terribly named OnePlus One, which should you go for? John McCann puts them head to head in OnePlus One vs Google Nexus 5 to discover just how much Android bang you can get for your smartphone buck.

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In this week
Week in Tech: Siri-ous problems with CarPlay and Android flagships at war
Talking points: The ISP chokehold, Facebook F8, battle of the HD TVs, making sense of sensors
Competition: Win! The ultimate Humax TV package worth £600!
The week's best buys: Sony Alpha A6000, Sony PS4, Chromecast
Top 10: Tablets
Talking points
How UK ISPs have a chokehold on our internet access
Remember the independent ISPs? Ultimately, they were all absorbed by the big six. TechRadar spoke to a collection of internet gurus and ex-CEOs of ISPs to find out why the independent ISP disappeared and what that means for you. Read more
Facebook unveils mobile Like button and more at F8 dev conference
Facebook had more than a few surprises for the web and mobile during the F8 conference held in San Francisco. Three in particular are going to add recognisable, Facebook-friendly functionality to many of your favourite apps. Read more
Battle of the flagship HD TVs: Samsung H8000 vs Sony W955
TVs have never been better and prices never more reasonable.  Take a look at the latest HD flagship TVs (that's HD, not 4K) from Sony and Samsung, and you immediately see how fortunes can change year to year. Read more
Making sense of sensors: what you don't know your phone knows about you
Your mobile phone already knows where you are, how you're holding it, what you're saying to it and how fast you're moving. Yet with ongoing improvements in mobile sensor technology, this is only the beginning of the era of self-aware devices and continuous data logging. There's much, more to come. Read more
WIN! The ultimate Humax TV package worth £600
Get your hands on the Humax HDR-1010S. It gives you access to over 200 free digital TV and radio channels, and as part of the Freetime family of products, it also includes full set of the UK’s top On-Demand players - BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5 and YouTube. For a chance to win this plus a powerful soundbar, just answer one question.
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LAST CHANCE: WIN! A Nikon Coolpix P7800 worth £499.99
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WIN! A Sony Xperia Z
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The week's best buys

Sony has come within a whisker of creating the perfect CSC in the shape of the A6000, with just a few niggles stopping it being very good indeed.
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The most powerful games console in the world, the PS4 will be a complete system with a few more features and games.
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Chromecast is a cheap and easy way to get video from iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube onto your TV. We'd like more apps, but this is still great value.
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Acer CEO says people "blindly follow Apple"
@CCNPInkers I'm not gonna blindly follow Acer for sure ;P
@PIS7OL_Blog It used to be the other way around, people blindly following Microsoft, then they woke up!
@poxME Apple is a great, same goes with Acer's TOTL product. But come on, Windows 8 ruined it all, the desktop is a mess!
Top  10  tablets in the world
We've made it easy for you and pulled together the top 10 tablets of the moment available in the UK.
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Lightworks combines speed, flexibility and high compatibility with an optimised and intuitive user interface. Lightworks understands Avid and Final Cut Pro, which enormously simplifies cross-platform collaboration on a project with several artists. In addition, Lightworks is compatible with several other programs, including Adobe After Effects, Boris, Combustion and Sapphire.

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Save £50 on this Anker T320 ultrathin wireless Bluetooth keyboard!

This wireless keyboard usually retails for £69.99, but right now it's just £19.99 when you buy it from Amazon. Lightweight yet durable, it's compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

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 New issue out now
How tech is making us all astronauts, PlayStation's new reality, and the wolves of tech street uncovered.

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