Moto X launches and NSA stays sneaky

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Week in Tech
The new Moto X is 'always listening' - and so is the NSA!

We knew so much about the Moto X that Motorola could have saved a great deal of time at the product launch by going on stage, waving it around and simply saying "yup." Was it worth the wait?  Michelle Fitzsimmons is on the customisable case and explains what's inside.

The Moto X is "made for you", says Motorola - but only if "you" are in the US, because so far the Moto X isn't coming to Europe or Australia. And even Americans aren't supposed to get their hands on the device: the phone constantly listens for voice commands. Lily Prasuethsut reckons that "has taken the Moto X to a whole new level of creepy. A phone that's listening to me all the time? Really?"

You know who else is listening to you all the time? That's right - the Feds! The ongoing revelations about the NSA's snooping powers reached a new and even more frightening level this week with the disclosure of XKeyscore. XKeyscore "allows for 'real time' interception of a person's web activity - and to target a single person, all the NSA needs is a phone number or email address."

The only good news is that XKeyscore is harvesting so much data that it can't physically store it for more than a few weeks. Or at least, that was the case a few years back. Ladies and gentlemen! It's time for tinfoil!

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